Saturday, April 14, 2012


LDR (Long Distance Relationship)

I always thought LDR is not a problem for me, because I've been experiencing LDR for like more than 1 year now.

I used to think that,
"hey, why not? its just distance and time if you keep in touch, then nothing will happen to a couple".

when I came to United Kingdom, Manchester Metropolitan University, to study for my bachelor degree, I realise that I'm not the only one in here whom experiencing LDR, 8 people including me experienced the same problem.

As time passes day by day,everything assumption I had in mind changed. I realise LDR is not just Distance and Time, it more than that. In a LDR, some may feel confident in their relationship, some may feel insecure, some may thinking what will happen in the future if this LDR continues for a long time.
Seriously, I'm the confident and I dun think too much what will happen in the future. First of all, its because I knew it when I decided to hold her hands, I want to be with her with all my heart. I also remember when I hold her hand, she ask me not to regret my own decision and yes I told her I will not !

Despite being confident and all, I'll neglected 1 simple rules. That is dun judge a book by its cover, every time I see her through on-line video, I can see her smile happily but there is 1 thing. As a girl, a LDR will make her feel insecure, no matter what the cause, distances makes 1 insecure.

That is why I have to step up my roles as a boyfriend to make her secure again. =) and I 7m7 will never ever make her feel that way again.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Au Ban eh cha booo~

Leow Wei Lin: O.o
Leow Wei Lin: ur skin....
Leow Wei Lin: agn huh

n00bie: yea
n00bie: very itchy

Leow Wei Lin: y suddently back mia
Leow Wei Lin: lama din hear u complain

n00bie: got ler
n00bie: paling teruk is on Ogos
n00bie: and tis tm 2nd time teruk

Leow Wei Lin: now tahan it ba
Leow Wei Lin: dun scratch

n00bie: XD
n00bie: scratch d
n00bie: bo huat
n00bie: hahaha

Leow Wei Lin: <
Leow Wei Lin: apala lu
Leow Wei Lin: stop scratching it

n00bie: ==

Leow Wei Lin: nx tm u back
Leow Wei Lin: i bring u go see specialist ler
Leow Wei Lin: u dun au ban liao

n00bie: NO!

Leow Wei Lin: YES !
Leow Wei Lin: dun au ban laaa
Leow Wei Lin: go see
Leow Wei Lin: ls 1


Leow Wei Lin: yes yes yes
Leow Wei Lin: listen ba...
Leow Wei Lin: keep eneh pun mm si idea

n00bie: no want!

Leow Wei Lin: no care..

n00bie: dun wan choi u

Leow Wei Lin: yo..tis gal r
Leow Wei Lin: wei...
Leow Wei Lin: ah min r..
Leow Wei Lin: haha
Leow Wei Lin: i d decide wan bring u go ler..
Leow Wei Lin: dun no choi me ler
Leow Wei Lin: no choi still will bring u go de
Leow Wei Lin: ah min ah min....
Leow Wei Lin: ><
Leow Wei Lin: rily mai choi me meh
Leow Wei Lin: nOObie~
Leow Wei Lin: ch'ng li min
Leow Wei Lin: meng cheng !
Leow Wei Lin: yo..
Leow Wei Lin: dun wait me say " no wan bring u go le "...
Leow Wei Lin: impossible de looo
Leow Wei Lin: ah min r..
Leow Wei Lin: knock knock
Leow Wei Lin: or u away jor?
Leow Wei Lin: ><

n00bie: then dun talk to me

Leow Wei Lin: dun like tat ler
Leow Wei Lin: yo~
Leow Wei Lin: okok
Leow Wei Lin: then wait u back liao see how
Leow Wei Lin: okie??
Leow Wei Lin: if still serious
Leow Wei Lin: then........
Leow Wei Lin: if ntg d..then i close 1 eye loo
Leow Wei Lin: eneh still cant??
Leow Wei Lin: @@

n00bie: can!
n00bie: ngek ngek

Leow Wei Lin: O.o
Leow Wei Lin: tis gal.....

n00bie: 0.0
n00bie: tis gal named n00bie ch'ng li min

Leow Wei Lin: yea
Leow Wei Lin: world most au ban mia gal

n00bie: bo loh

p/s : beng beng sooo au ban d..still say "bo loh"...AU BAN til~~~~

Friday, December 3, 2010

Happie Bufday to 7m7~

as usual i'm still weird~
tis year birthday, i did some experiment.
called "who remember my birthday ?"

i hid my birthday date from FB~
n guess wat..
i'm kinda dissapointed..><..

got my fst bday wishes from my dudes..
thx to ck, jq n yt...
dey wanted to sing a song for me..
but, jz as i expected...dey drop their balls~
hahaha...3 people singing bday song in public?!

after that i got my bday wish from SI KELA nOObie dear~
which is 5 mins late..

also thx to
My Friends- Lim Sheli
Lee Rouyi
Jamie Sim
Alyssa Khoo
Ah Fan

Relatives - Saw Ee Wei
Saw Ee Ling
Chow Yih Wern

Went celebrate my birthday with my family in the evening,
the food was fresh...but not as good as i expected..
anyway..thx for the dinner dad...=)..

Special thx to MUM who accidentally gave birth to ME~..
altho it is an still put in alot of effort to "PUSH" me out..
altho i'm a little too skinny, i'm still healthy~

After finish dinner with the family..
he finally got to meet up with her..
spend the last 2 and half hours 2gthr b4 his bday ends,
jz the two of dem,
cold wind,
few drops of rain,
under a silence night,
looking at the sceneries of Balik Pulau,
dark cloud gazing,
voices of him n her,
chatting, gossiping, laughing, head knocking, pinch-ing,
massage on da back..

i've no doubt saying that,
this is 1 unusual and unforgettable Present..
Thank uuuuuuu..

Thursday, December 2, 2010


i used to ask myself..
is this the right time?
tats a pretty hard ques to ans..

i've been seeking for ans,
since.....i got tat feeling..
almost 2 years...

all i can say is,
slow n steady,
wins the race !

Friday, November 5, 2010

My sin

i guess you are right,
Why make a deal?
If you cant keep it.
why even bother?

i'm the one who started this,
i'm the one who wanted this,
its my health,
why cant i stop ?
why cant i wait ?

you may think now.
i'm no different than other guy,
deal?? it all jz a crap !

i know i cant say nothing much,
i can just say that i'm sorry,
sorry for disappointing you,
sorry for betraying your support.

Thursday, November 4, 2010


Life is tough,
whether you like it or not.

It is always solving problems,
after you solve a problem,
before you know it,
you're facing a new one,

Thing gets even worst,
when you are alone by yourself,

I know your fear,
I understand your pain.
all i can do now is support you,
Pray for you.

But most of all,
you have to believe in yourself,
Fight for what you want,
and have faith in yourself !


Saturday, October 16, 2010

Love Quotes

Love is Patient. Love is Kind.
It does not envy.
It does not boast.
It is not proud.
It is not rude.
It is not self-seeking.
It is not easily ANGERED

It keeps no record of wrongs !